S is for Saturday

Last Saturday, after the morning meeting, we had four things planned – Skiing, Swimming, Shooting and Shopping.

Ethel dubbed it “S Day”.

We were skiing dawn patrol, after which we were going to do a short workout in the pool, and follow that by going to Northwest Shooter to play with my “new” Taurus 9mm pistol (She got it for me a year ago Christmas, but we’ve been too busy…)

After that we had shopping planned – running down to Kalispell to pick up some things.

Since we were going to Kalispell, I added “Support” to the list, as I needed to go by Verizon and get them to help me with troubles with my Pixel 2 phone and new Samsung tablet. (They weren’t able to help me, so we should add “Strike Out” to the list).

A fun diversion – after swimming, we adding “Spa”, and went over to the hot tub at the Wave to rest for a while before continuing the day. While we were there, Ethel struck up a conversation with a young lady (I’d estimate her age at five years) who told her that she should go try the big waterslide in the kid’s pool.

So we added “Slide” as well 🙂


I loved it – Ethel said it hurt her neck (or her back, or something). Of course, Ethel’s six months older than I am.

We finished up the day with Sup and then Screens – we’re in the last season of Person of Interest, and it’s hard not to just blow through the episodes.

Now it’s almost a week later – I’ve ordered a thousand rounds for the 9mm, and they arrived this morning, so we might be back at the range tomorrow.

We’re swimming tomorrow, again, after skiing – we had scheduled it for today, but Ethel took a pill this morning that left her not feeling so well, so we’ve put it off.

And tomorrow night is definitely Screens – “That’s right, wood-chuck chuckers – it’s Groundhog Day!”


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