Fell Off A Cliff

Everything was fine, up until Wednesday.

Then, I fell off a cliff.


Monday, in fact, was my best swim ever, by 2 seconds/100 yards.

Tuesday morning, the ride was hard, but it’s supposed to be hard – it’s a one hour VO2Max workout, and I’ve been increasing the resistance by 0.5% every week for both of my hard rides.

However, I didn’t sleep well the night before, so I put off the run and lifting until that evening.

Got up on Wednesday morning, and went to do my Chris Hughes workout –

300 kick
4×25 band
3×200 @ 4:30
3×150 @ 3:30
3×100 @ 2:30
3×50 @ 1:30
4×25 @ 1:00

Well, I’ll be – I couldn’t finish the warmup. I had to stop at 250 yards. Then, I had to stop 200 yards later, and do 50 yards by itself to finish the warmup.

I did the kicks and the band work, and then it was time for the 200 yard repeats.

I couldn’t do ’em. I mean, I just couldn’t.

I stopped after 100 yards, worn out. So I did another 100 yards to “finish” that repeat, and then tried again….nope, 100 yards and I was done. So I did another 100 yards, and then took a long rest.

I decided “I’m GOING to do 200 yards this time”. I made it to within about five yards of the last lap, and I HAD TO STAND UP AND TAKE A BREAK BEFORE I COULD FINISH.

So, okay – I rested a bit. Then I tried to do the 150 yard repeat.

Nope. Had to stop after 100 yards.

I gave up. I quit. I went home.

I have no idea what’s wrong. None at all. I was swimming fast, and it felt strong, but after 100 yards I was out of oxygen, and my limbs felt like lead.

I felt miserable that night. The next morning – yesterday – I managed to do my ride – a one-hour sweet spot, with two 20 minute climbs – and it felt fine, but things kept me from getting to the gym, so again, last night, I went to the gym.

I ran easy – felt great! – and my lifting felt strong and it went quick.

So, today, I went back to the pool, to do my new Friday workout – swimming without my Happy Pants, and doing flip turns.

50 yards. That was it. I had to stop.

Tried again. 50 yards. Had to stop.

Kept trying. I made it 100 yards, once – the rest were all 50 yards and stop.

So I did some drills with fins and board and such, and gave up and came home.

SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED. And I don’t know what.

Heck, I don’t even know who to ask, or how to begin to troubleshoot this.


  1. aileen58 said:

    Well given weights are anaerobic mostly and swimming is aerobic id say youve run out of fuel. Unless of course youre anaemic which you shouldn’t be. So rest and carbs. Delts may be your limiting factor, they are only little muscles. Just my $0.02.

  2. aileen58 said:

    I think the writeups on keto and endurance aren’t that great. 🙂 But each to his own, I need my carbs! Let us know if you work it out.

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