Okay, looks like I have a resentment.

(N.B. – yes, a “pet peeve” is a resentment:
noun: peeve; plural noun: peeve :

a cause of annoyance.
“my peeve is people treating me like a moron”)


When somebody is repeating their point, and then somebody else refutes them, and the first person says “Yeah, well, that’s just SEMANTICS…” — I don’t want to kick them in the head.

But, if somebody else kicked them in the head, I might think that they had it coming. It wasn’t like their head was really working, anyway.

noun: semantics

the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text.

When you utter a word, then it has a meaning – there’s no other reason to use a word. You might as well grunt.

So to use a word and to then say that the meaning HAS NO MEANING is basically saying “I am grunting, and you should admit that my grunting is correct, and your assembly of words with meanings is wrong.”

I strongly suspect that what they REALLY mean by saying that meaning doesn’t matter is to say “I think that I know what I mean, and you should all pretend that you understand what I think that I know that I mean, and admit that it’s correct, just because I’m me”.

This is also followed by the implication that the fact that the person who doesn’t know what they are saying is somehow elevated, or superior, BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT – and that those folks who are more careful and intentional in their speech should be ashamed of themselves.

Now, of course, the question becomes – how do I get around this resentment?

I’ll start by operating on the assumption that I’m projecting – that since I’m seeing smug, self-righteous stupidity, I must be SUFFERING from smug, self-righteous stupidity.

I see them being smugly dismissive of my thinking, so I must be doing the same thing.

Think I’ll share this post with my sponsor, and then ask to have it removed 🙂


  1. Dan said:

    Well crud. Your last sentence raised a question in my mind: Does that mean (since I get your blog posts via email) that I’m obligated to delete the email when you have this post removed? I would hate to have your resentments resented by anybody (including me).

    • Hey Dan! Great to hear from you!!

      …no, you don’t need to delete it. I’m not one of those “Burn your Fourth Step” types 🙂

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