Mole Burrito

This is the view down Connie’s Coulee, in Hellroaring Canyon at Big Mountain.


When I moved to Utah in 1998, we actually found the house that we were going to buy right after picking up the rental car at the airport – it was, obviously, in Park City.

We spent the next three months living in corporate housing down in Sandy, but while we looked at another hundred homes or so while working our way back to buying the house on Parkview in Summit Park, we did manage to find El Chubasco, which became our go-to restaurant for the next seven years.

The first time we walked in, they had a drawing of a burrito on a sign by the door, and the caption said “Mole Burrito $5.95” (I believe that was the priced). I decided to order the mole burrito; I reckon I thought it was the “special”.

Turns out that that sign was there for the next seven years; and, every time we went to Chubbies, I could be counted on to buy the Mole Burrito. The number of times that I got something else in the interim could probably be counted on one hand. I would say to myself, as we were going in, “I think I’ll get the enchiladas, or the relleno”, but it wouldn’t happen. I’d wind up with the mole burrito, time after time.

Sometimes I would actually order something else, and then – while I was standing there – change my order back to “nah, make that the Mole Burrito, por favor”.

I sort of have the same problem with Connie’s Coulee.

When we go up for Dawn Patrol, we ride the back half of the mountain, and then I tend to stay on the back side – riding chairs 7 and 11 until I’m tired. Then, I’ll come back up to the summit, and take off down the cutoff to Big Ravine.

However, if I’m riding that cutoff, and I see that Connie’s is open, then – unless there is some great time constraint, or I’m injured or really exhausted – I can’t help but hop through the gate and ski this run.

Even when I tell myself  “I’m not going to do that this time”. On Saturday, that’s what I said – but then, having passed the gate, I ducked the rope and dropped in anyway.

Just like the Mole Burrito 🙂

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