Parking and Plowing

As I’ve mentioned before, two things that we don’t really like about Montana are the parking, and the plowing.

Here’s both, all in one photo. The sign behind the super long crew cab work truck says “Compact Car Parking Only” 🙂


What I didn’t cat in this picture is that just to the viewer’s right is another full size pickup truck; and while it looks like there’s probably enough room there to PARK, there isn’t enough room to park AND open one’s doors 🙂 Also, since they’ve done such a poor job of plowing, the truck is another two feet or so further from the curb than it ought to be.

Welcome to Montana!

I’m sticking to my theory that both the plowing and the parking are the result of the state being so empty; since we don’t have many taxpayers, but we have so many miles of road, and so much winter, it’s hard for the state to cover the cost of so much plowing.

And since the state has been so empty for so long, the folks here in towns like Whitefish, Kalispell and Bozeman – towns that are indeed growing, and also see lots of tourist traffic –  haven’t yet gotten used to the idea that you just can’t stop your truck wherever you happen to be when you get tired of driving, and mosey on into the Murdoch’s ranch store for a few hours.

Well, actually, I suppose you CAN do that. Folks still do, apparently 🙂

I was watching a Netflix movie a few weeks ago – “Polar” – in which a retired assassin moved to Montana. And it really, really looked like Montana. But, as it happens, the scenes shot for “Montana” were actually in Ontario, near Toronto – but they were augmented with CGI mountains in the background 🙂

The Montana town scenes were appropriately slow and empty; but I did  notice that folks were parked much better than Montanans park. I reckon the idea of a comic-book assassin being hunted and killed so that his company can avoid paying his eight million dollar retirement buyout is much more believable than Montana’s parking customs 🙂



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