We have a floor at the house.


That’s been there a couple of days – I think that they finished it on Friday. Since then, they’ve done stuff – they’ve poured the garage floor, and chalked in on top of the floor to commence framing.

(I think that they are actually framing up there today; we see activity and I think that they might be building walls, but they haven’t actually erected any yet. It’ll be a big deal, I reckon, when walls actually go up).

I remember thinking that we’d be able to look up at the house and see what they are doing from my back yard or my deck – and, yep, sure enough, that’s the case. However, it won’t be the case much longer; in four days, we head to Cozumel for three weeks.

When we get back, the house will probably be framed in, and once they get the walls up and covered, we won’t be able to see much happening (other than, of course, the siding and roof going on).

Standing on the floor brings things into perspective; now I can see just exactly what my view will look like from various places in the house – well, actually, I’ll be standing 3/4 of an inch higher, because this is, after all, the “sub floor”. The FLOOR will be hardwood, carpet – or tile, in the bathrooms.

I admit, I’m stoked to see what it’s like when they get the east walls up – then I should be able to look out my “window” πŸ™‚ I’ll take a camp chair with me up there so I can imagine sitting in my living room.

So, the house is, actually, going UP, and life is going on.

Yeah, we’re leaving for our annualΒ  SCUBA-and-cheesecake jaunt to the Island of Swallows in the Mexican Caribbean – staying at our favorite hotel, diving with Blue XTSea, and getting a three-week membership at the Ego gym. This trip, we won’t be renting a road bike; I’ll just do my workouts on the exerbike at the Ego gym. I’m not yet sure that I’m going to be doing any long-course triathlons this year, so I’ll just keep things under three hours until I’m sure.

Training is going on – I’m “running” again. I shouldn’t put that in quotes; I did manage today’s run at a pace that started with a 9, so that’s good – and that’s after the one-hour ride working on my VO2Max. And my swim yesterday was surprisingly good – it had been five weeks since I’d done a swim, and although I’ve lost some stamina, my pace was still nice and fast (for me).

Work is ongoing – I’m still the dumbest guy in the room, of course. This is an interesting week on my job – it’s the middle of April, which means that it’s the first big stock payout of the year (the way our vesting works, April is a big month in terms of my income). It’s also – since I’ll be gone for the next three weeks – the week in which I’m supposed to get my annual review; I haven’t heard anything about it, other than that it’s supposed to happen; it ain’t been scheduled yet.

If they fire me, you’ll be the first to know πŸ™‚

And Lent is coming to an end; this year, we’ll wake up on Easter morning in Mexico, which means that we won’t be at an Episcopal church on Easter morning, which is not what I would want – but that’s the way that it is. I reckon that “Jesus Christ is risen today” applies below the Tropic of Cancer, just as it does above the 48th Parallel πŸ™‚

(Ethel just ran out onto the deck to check – still no walls πŸ™‚


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