Progress. We have walls.


I’m glad to see the walls. I only have one regret.

See the one window that has the wrapping cut out? That’s on the south side of the house, and the reason that they cut it out was because they need to have a window to toss stuff out of the house for the trash while they are working.

But they are only doing that for ONE window, because they don’t want to have the wind blowing through the house while they are working.

I would rather that they had done that with the main window in the great room wall, so that I could see what my view is going to look like 🙂 I think that’s pretty much the definition of “self-centeredness” 😉

These are exterior walls, with the big 2×6 studs; interior walls use 2x4s. I’m sort of excited about seeing the interior walls go up, as well, because – well, frankly, the house, right now, looks sort of, well, small to me. The builder, Matt, told us that that would happen – that sometimes it would look huge, and sometimes it would look tiny.

When they dug the hole, it looked pretty dang big. But then when they put down the floor, it started to look much smaller – I’d look at the area that it seemed would be the “bedroom”, and think, “dang, that looks small”. Ethel says that she’s compared all of the rooms on the plans to the rooms that we currently have, and that everything is much larger, but it’s difficult for me to see.

(Might actually have to wait until there’s furniture in there to see how big the rooms really are. This is where I would say that “well, by that time it’ll be too late to do anything about it”, but – guess what? It’s ALREADY too late to do anything about it 🙂




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