Saddest Day on Cozumel

Well, we’re leaving Cozumel – in spite of my and Christi’s best efforts to keep Ethel on the island, she’s bound and determined.

And, in spite of Roberto’s best efforts, we’re leaving rugless.


This was at Oriental Bazaar, on the Malecon – the rug on the left is a “Dowry Rug”, which was supposedly hand-tied by a woman who spent many months doing this rug to sell for her dowry, and the one on the left is NOT a dowry rug, which means that it was $1300 less.

(yes, that’s the sort of price point we were looking at. Since we’re building the new house with the best finishings that we can afford, might as well do other stupid stuff, as well).

But Ethel decided that she didn’t want to spend quite that much on something that Juneau was quite likely to eat.

Now we’re up in the room, waiting to head over for the 9:00 ferry to Playa del Carmen, from whence we take a bus to the Cancun airport, and then fly to SLC – with a three hour layover, and we’ll get into Flathead County Airport at around 10 PM. It’s all so exhausting, I’m surprised that we couldn’t talk Ethel into staying.

But, we couldn’t.

And I am ready to be back in the cool Montana air again, now that it seems that the April showers are over.

But “ready to be back in Montana” is not the same thing as “ready to leave Cozumel”, although one condition is necessary to achieve the other.

On Monday, it’s back to work. That’s going to be strange, as well. One of my favorite Workmates has decided to skedaddle – Ronnie just, well, quit, and is taking something called a ‘gap’, which I think is Milennial for “sabbatical”.  I got married at 19, and so I never had that sort of luxury – and, anyway, back then, you didn’t do that. You worked.

…but, then, back then, we didn’t make Workday salaries, so that might make a difference, as well.

But Ronnie is a great guy, and smart – and often helped me figure stuff out in over-the-shoulder sessions when I got lost in XpressO. I’m gonna miss him.

Ooops – I have to stop typing. Ethel’s just told  me that it’s time to get moving for the ferry.

Saddest day on Cozumel….


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