Didn’t Think That One Through

When I was a child, we lived in North Alabama – home of heat and humidity.

I just lived with it, and didn’t give it much thought – that’s just the way that life was. It wasn’t until I moved to Arizona in July of 1994 – and noticed how much more comfortable I was in Arizona than I had been in Alabama – that the insanity of it all really struck me.

Especially in one aspect – so I called my mother back in Decatur from a phone in Sierra Vista, AZ, one day, and I asked her – I said, “Momma, tell me something. When I was growing up in Decatur, we’d make it through May. Then we’d suffer through the heat and humidity in June. Then we’d just survive the awfulness until mid-July – and then…and then…


Momma just sort of shrugged her verbal shoulders and said, “Son, that’s just what we did.” We went from hot and humid Alabama, in July, to the only place in the country that was worse.

Well, I’m glad that those bad old days are over. We ain’t doin’ stupid stuff like that no more.

Today, here in Montana, many of the localities woke up this first day of Summer with snow on the ground – in Yellowstone, it was bad enough to cause the roads to close. Here in Whitefish, though, it was just cold, cold rain – a high of 50 and wet. We turned the heat back on on Tuesday – we’ve been lighting the fireplace off and on all week.

But that’s okay – because, WE’RE GOING ON VACATION NEXT WEEK!!!


We’re going on vacation – to ICELAND?!” Every day there’s a chance of rain, with highs in the 50s 🙂

Today we went to Sportman’s Ski Haus and bought waterproof pants and water-resistant LONG hiking pants 🙂



  1. Donna M Rode said:

    LOL! Bil and I were there the first week of June and we ended up finding a big department-like store and bought raincoats and I found a wonderful fleece-lined wool sweater to wear (and I still have and wear it when it gets cold).

  2. We’ve got the gear now. I have no intention of being cold. Or wet 🙂

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