This morning, we had pastries at Braud (which I think means “bread”) and then headed for the Snæfellsnes peninsula (I had to cut and paste to get that dipthongy vowel thing) to see some Iceland.

We saw us some Iceland 🙂

The first cool part of the trip was hitting the tunnel under one fjord – a tunnel that was six kilometers long. Only time I’ve gone farther than that was the Chunnel.

(editor’s note: we were driving along in a rented Hyundai when we approached the tunnel. Ethel said, “Hey, we’re in a fjord!” I said (wait for it…) “No, this is a Hiyunday” (spelling changed to indicate the pronunciation necessary to make this a good joke. Fact that I’m explaining it means – never mind) 🙂

Of course, we wore ourselves out trying to say Snæfellsnes, so we just said “Snuffleuppaguss”.

We drove out on the south side of the peninsula. Pretty quickly, I noticed that the mountain range to the north had a LOT of waterfalls. I kept saying “Hey, let’s go hike up to that one!….okay, then, how about this next one?” until Ethel finally got tired and pulled over, and we hiked one of the falls.

It was pretty nice 🙂


I kept wanting to hike more waterfalls, but the next hike we took was up to a slot canyon at Rauofeldsgja – it was like the ones in Utah, only it had moss on the walls. Lovely!


I hiked further up in this one than Ethel cared to go, and while up there, it occurred to me that the walls were so gnarly and knobby that I could probably climb up and out. However, I didn’t think that I could DOWNclimb those walls – so there I’d be, up on the plateau, and Ethel would be down at sea level, mad at me. So I didn’t.

We stopped and had fish and chips at a food truck in Anarstapi, then drove through the national park – I wanted to go up and see the glacier, but we knew that there was an English-speaking AA meeting back in Reykjavik at 7 PM, so we were starting to concern ourselves about the passage of time.

So we didn’t drive up to the glacier. And Ethel voice something that will stay in the Puckett lexicon for the rest of our married life – “I’m not stopping at every waterfall in Iceland!”

But we DID stop at Kirkjufell – something that I had on my agenda. And that I’ll remember.


I think that the Pixel 2 takes pretty good pictures.

As soon as I started looking at pictures of Iceland, I kept seeing this mountain – “Church Mountain” is what the name means, but it just snagged my attention. Turns out that this was used in some “Game of Thrones” story line – I dunno, never seen GoT. But I’ll remember this.

We did make it back for the AA meeting, which was nice – lots of nationalities in that little room. And now we’re back at the hotel, cleaning up before dinner – although we’re still pretty full of fish and chips (“fiskur og franskar”). I wanted a salad tonight, but no luck. I don’t think that they have salads in Iceland.

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