A New Record

Yesterday’s trip to Costco was a new non-move in record – $574.


Whenever we move into a new home, one of the first things that we do is go to Costco to “get all that stuff”™ that you have to have when you move into a new home. Those trips can be spendy indeed. But this was just a normal Costco run.

Even scarier – we didn’t get any New Yorks. The Costco Boneless New York Strip is the tastiest meat I’ve ever put in my mouth; I rarely get steak at restaurants, because it’s never going to be as good as what I can cook up on my grill at home in 14 minutes (eight minutes on one side, four on the other). When the steaks were $6.99/lb, I used to buy them whenever I was running out; now that they are regularly $9.99/lb, I wait and get them when I can find them at a lower price. But if they don’t go down in price, and I start to run out, I’ll still buy ’em.

So I spent $574 without my normal $100-150 for New Yorks. Ouch.

Or, actually, wait a minute – maybe I won’t be paying full price next time for New Yorks. Because while this isn’t the first Costco run after moving into a new home, it might very well be the last Costco run that I make as a gainfully employed, productive member of society. So it’s possible that I’ll only be buying them when I can get a deal. And I suspect that I might have thrown a few things in that I might have left alone before, just because I might be broke, later.

It was a busy day; woke up early and made a 7 AM AA meeting,  Then we headed to church. After that, we went to our friends’ house and picked up a truckload of firewood that they never used – they are moving to Texas, where nobody wants any extra heat sources, ever.

Then we went to Costco for the above trip. We had a truck bed full of firewood, and the back half of the crew cab had the seats folded up and the shelves folded out, and was chock full of Costco boxes.

Got home, restacked the firewood in our garage**, unloaded the Costco stuff, and then I headed out for a 2 mile jog as per my physical therapist’s instructions. Got back from that just in time to spend a couple of hours with a new pigeon, spending some time in pages 84-88 so that we make sure that we have the same general understanding and language around the program as utilized in Level Flight.

Then I got a nap 🙂

My calf is still injured; the two miles I jogged yesterday were a test drive. The testosterone pellets still have not turned me into a 40 year old Jim Puckett. The house is still stalled – nobody’s done anything at all since they finished the drywall. And the dog is still broke-eared, cockeyed, toothless and splay-footed. It’s business as usual at Chez Puckett.

But something should change today – I’m supposed to have the follow-up chat with my boss, wherein it will be determined if I am

a) Finished up, home free, and a man of leisure as of Friday afternoon,
b) Going to be working a little longer because they think they need me a little longer,
c) Going on a leave of absence for a few months so’s I can come back and see if a rest period helped,
d) Going to to go a part-time schedule, or
e) Possibly some entirely different circumstance that will catch me completely off guard.

In “Glory Road”, Robert Heinlein said that “..all military bureaucracies consist of a Surprise Party Department, a Practical Joke Department, and a Fairy Godmother Department.” I suspect that this is not true at Workday; they’re a pretty functional bunch of folks. But I can’t help but wonder if there might not be a bit of the above running around inside our organization.

If so, I’ll find out this afternoon 🙂

*yes, we stacked the firewood in our garage, which means that we’ll just have to put it back in the truck and move it to the garage at the new house. But we’re already moving everything else anyway, and who knows? Based on current rates of progress, there’s no reason to assume that the new house will ever be finished anyway.

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