Nineteen Hours

That’s approximately how long it took. We brought Abby and Juneau home from the kennel yesterday at about 4:30 PM; by 11:30 AM, one of them had pooped on the new carpet.


I’m pretty sure that it was Abby, not Juneau, but I don’t have any evidence that would convince a jury. And Juneau acts guilty anyway – that’s sort of her standard operating procedure.

It didn’t take anything like 19 hours for them to coat the house in dog hair, or scratch up the new hardwood. That was pretty much instantaneous – it’s like they were preceded through the door by a quantum cloud of hair and scratches. I’d told Ethel that it was going to happen. Apparently, Ethel doesn’t care.*

The landscaping is in; the fence will be completed next Tuesday. The shower door and mirror were supposed to arrive today, but we haven’t heard anything from them. The master shower is actually large enough that we don’t really NEED a door; but it might be nice from the standpoint of keeping some warmth in there. Warmth can always be a concern in Montana.

The garage is at a standstill. I’ve almost given up hope on ever getting the *&^%$#@! truck in there. That might have been a total failure. For one thing, we used to keep the dogs crated in the house; now, there’s no easy or feasible place to keep the crates inside, so we have moved them into the garage. And that’s not just the square footage of the crates – that also means leaving sufficient area for the dogs to get in and out of said crates. We also need to keep the firewood in the garage; all of the places that one would keep the firewood outside are taken up by fancy landscaping.

Then there’s this little problem:


When we moved over here, I went from Spectrum cable/internet/phone to Spectrum internet and DirecTV. I went to DirecTV because I Spectrum made us bundle in a home telephone with our cable and internet, and Ethel didn’t like that. And DirecTV would allow us to put it on hold for six months out of the year; college football only lasts 4.5 months. So it seemed like a good idea.

However, DirecTV’s customer service – well, it belongs to AT&T. Mama always said “if you can’t say anything but prolonged loud profanity about something, don’t say anything at all.”

But this one issue has me sideways. I got DirecTV for one reason and one reason only – to watch collidge fuhdemabawl. And you have to have ESPN and ABC to watch collidge fudemabawl.

But as soon as I got my DirecTV installed, and turned on ESPN, I started getting scare messages in ESPN ads saying that DirecTV was going to stop carrying ESPN, and that I should call them up and fuss at ’em.

Well, I’m not going to do that.

But an ancillary issue popped up – when I tried to stream games using the ESPN app on my television, I was unable to do so – I got this error, above: 0033 – “This customer, who’s paying for ESPN on DirecTV, doesn’t have access to any ESPN channels in the app, because AT&T is being a flatulating butthead about it and won’t allow it”.(I’m paraphrasing)

Apparently this is entirely separate from the spat DirecTV and ESPN are having. This is some configuration issue with DirecTV not setting up my account correctly.

So I spent. Many. Many. Many. Hours. On. The. Phone. Trying. To. Get. AT&T. Support. To. Fix. It. I finally realized what each of the, ah, support people** seemed to be doing; none of them understood the issue, so they just wanted to get me out of their queue into somebody else’s queue, or hang up by accident.

Finally, ESPN said that they’d intervene on my behalf, and try to get DirecTV to do something. And today, I received a phone call from DirecTV – while I was at the grocery store, and totally unable to do anything about it. They….said that they’ll call me back tomorrow afternoon.

I have to admit; I don’t believe them.

I might just cancel DirecTV and go back to Charter Spectrum; Spectrum says that they’ll pay up to $500 to get me out of my DirecTV contract. It might be worth it.

Of course, it may not matter soon anyway; it’s gonna get hard to see the TV screen through all the dog hair.


*BTW – it’s our 32nd anniversary today. The new house sort of trumps any real celebration, Ethel’s job crises are causing her to be preoccupied, and the levels of fatigue and stress are sort of pushing any real expressions of sentiment aside. We knew it was going to be like this; there will (probably) be other anniversaries later to make a fuss over. It’s been acknowledged; that’s probably as far as it’s going to go today.

**I typed “support people” instead of “dunderheaded numbskulls” because “dunderheaded numbskulls” doesn’t sound very loving or tolerant – and that’s our code.

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