Sunday Afternoon

Morning prayer, church, run, meeting, getting the garage ready, snuggle time with my sweetie – and hammock time.


We’re pretty much moved in now; we’ve still got a lot to go up on the walls, and maybe two more loads of stuff to bring over for the garage, but we’re here.

You can see the fence there in the photo – they showed up yesterday to install the panels, surprisingly four days early. Now, there’s a yard, and a fence – but the yard isn’t really attached just yet. The dogs went crazy for a half hour yesterday (they’ve never actually had a yard they could run around in) but then we had to go around the yard re-attaching the sod; relaying it in all the places where puppy paws had pulled it loose. It’s gonna be a week or so before we can let them have the run of the yard.

The house is lovely. The yard is gorgeous as well. I have to admit, it’s pretty much everything that we had hoped – and that doesn’t happen often.

Now comes the job of living here. I had a friend once who said that it seemed to him that I was always getting ready to live, but never living. I understand what he meant by that – although it’s sort of strange to look my curriculum vitae and say that I don’t have a life. But our lives have been continuously uprooted and replanted, and now we’re doing that one more time.

I’ve noticed how busy I’ve been for the last two months, and how I haven’t had time to, say, just lay in my hammock like I did this afternoon – for a whole hour! I actually sent an email to my ex-boss and -grandboss to let them know that I’d be available to come back to work, if they wanted me.

Crickets 🙂

So I reckon I’ll get busy with the business of being less busy. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off. It may required enforced disciplines such as “lay in the hammock for a whole hour every day”.

I’d better get at it.

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