Hacked. Robbed. Okay.

So here’s the new (used) pool table:


The reason that it doesn’t look like a pool table is that we’ve ordered new felt – Burgandy was the closest that they had to Alabama Crimson – and it’ll be a few days before the felt gets here.

We found this pool table on Craigslist. I went to see it yesterday – and the owners live way out on Ashley Lake, so it was a haul. That’s when the trouble started.

I got home and emailed them; told them I’d send them the money via PayPal or I could bring a check. The seller and I got crossed up – he had to reset his PayPal account, and then he lost his phone…it got bad. And since he was using his one-time Craigslist email account, I had no other way to contact him – because his cell phone doesn’t work out where he lives.

But I got an email response saying this:

Here is the email address. jewelsgemsandthingsbylela@yahoo.com.. I will be waiting for confirmation.
It showed as coming from the seller.
I sent the money.
This morning, I found out that he’d never gotten his PayPal set up; that’s when I freaked out. And then Ethel did some digging and found this woman’s phone number. Gee, too bad – she’d already spent the money. So sorry. No, she couldn’t give it back – she’d already spent it. She told Ethel that she thought her daddy had sent it.
Wow – okay, it’s a pretty good scam. She’s somewhere in California, so I can’t even call the police.
So after freaking out, I gave the seller a check, and then realized I’m just going to have to swallow the cost of the pool table. I’m choosing to see it as karma – I’m sure that Workday overpaid me way more than the cost of that pool table. (this is a terrifying thought; it leaves open the possibility that the universe might set up more scams, hacks and thievings to get back the rest of the money that I owe it. C’mon, universe – I TOLD my bosses that they were overpaying me, the whole time! Gimme a break!)
The fact is that I’m okay. The amount of money makes no difference. I can absorb the loss – and be thankful that I’m not out there stealing from folks. That’s the best part.
I had notions of calling the nice lady and telling her that she’s a liar and a thief – but I can’t figure out which Step that would be. I’ve checked through all 12 and there doesn’t seem to be anything covering that. So I’ll just live with the karmic explanation.
While I wait for the crimson felt 🙂
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