There’s not much left to add to the Dog House, now that the Table So Nice We Bought It Twice is in place:


And I just got a call from the firewood guy – I’ve got a cord and a half of dark wood heading my way, so we can have all the fires we want 🙂

Tomorrow we’ve got a bunch of folks over to watch football (N.B. – if you’re reading this, you’re invited too 🙂 and now they’ll have a pool table to play – on? with? – during those periods when the game that is on doesn’t matter to them.

And, over there in the corner, we have Aphrodite, on a barstool, by my side 🙂


…which makes plenty of sense, since the Dog House is on “a hillside, in shadow, between the people, and the stars” 🙂

I’m sorry. Those lyrics have meant so much to me, for so long, I beg your forgiveness for my maudlin sentimentality. For a long time, the hillside in shadow was in Summit Park, in Park City, but Park City changed enough that we just didn’t fit anymore – and I thought that the hillside in shadow was gone forever.

But it isn’t. It’s right here, in unutterably gorgeous Whitefish.

And it has a pool table 🙂

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