Romans in the Vomitoriums

I’m not doing my workouts today.

This would have been my last workout day for a week anyway, as I’m getting my Testosterone Tushy reloaded this afternoon. But, after my morning quiet time, I realized that I just didn’t have it in me to do this one more day; my runs and swims have been getting slower, and my heart rate has been getting higher during my rides.

So I’m not doing my workouts. And I do hope that that’s not the pebble that starts the rock slide that takes out the village; I do hope that this bit of self-indulgence does not wind up with the Romans in the vomitoriums and the barbarians at the gate.

In the meantime, I’m working on Fur Elise*.


Yesterday I went in for my third piano lesson; I had my music theory book and my music exercise book, and I also had the sheet music for Bach’s Prelude in C Major for the well-tempered clavier**.

I played the first half of the Prelude for Mistress Jenn, and she took away my music exercise book and gave me the sheet music for Fur Elise, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and the Minuet in G. (Apparently, having developed alcoholism in Germany, and having learned to speak Deuschte with a drunken slur in Germany, my musical education will be German, as well. I’ve got Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Just hope that I can steer clear of any Rammstein.)

I’m taking this sudden change of method as a good sign; she seemed to be thinking I was doing well. But, since I’m me, I then see this encouragement as motivation to work a bit harder; I reckon I’m okay with that.

So today, I’m not doing my bike, run, lift and swim. But I am making three AA meetings, doing stuff around the house, doing some Christmas shopping, and – obviously – spending some time at the keyboard.


*yes, that ‘u’ should have an umlaut. But I’m too tired to go find an umlaut to cut and paste. And, yes, I”m sure that this is a very simplified version of the repeated first phrase, and that she didn’t even bother giving me the demisemiquaver stuff. Gimme a break. It was my third lesson.

**I’m not sure what a bad-tempered clavier would sound like. Maybe punk rock on a harpsichord?

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