Today I spent most of the day skiing Marmot Trees up high, and then hitting the blue cruisers down to Lift Seven.

Marmot Trees was in good shape:


We’ve been in a pattern where the top of the mountain is in the clouds, and then 500 feet down it clears out. So I’ve been skiing the trees up high, because they attenuate the fog; in addition, the fog tends to keep the snow in the trees soft, so it’s like synergy.

I find myself starting to think in terms of vertical, and that’s probably not a good thing. Today I skiied; the only times I stopped were in the trees when nature called. I just kept skiing.

Tomorrow I get to start my workouts again; we’ll see how interested I am in covering a lot of vertical while I’m running, biking and swimming. “Want to know what I want? Just watch what I do”.

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