Knocking Off Hubcaps

…and I mean “knocking off” in the sense of “applying kinetic energy vigorously to the item, resulting it a removal from its installed position” rather than “stealing”.

On Monday, we played our first nine holes of the year. Here was the scene in the middle of the fairway on Number 8:

I’d just had my best drive of the day – an easy 260 yards down the middle. I got there, pulled out a three wood (it’s a par five), addressed the ball, and let ‘er rip.

The club hit the ball on the toe; the ball went absolutely sideways, perpendicular to the intended path, and hit the hubcap on the front wheel of the golf cart, and knocked it off onto the ground.

I wound up taking a bogie.

It wasn’t a terrible half round; only one hole got away from me, and it was Number 5, as it usually is. On number 7, I lost the ball from my drive and just took an X to speed play, but then found the ball – on the blue tee box of the returning hole, about 75 yards from the pin, off to the side. That hole would likely have turned out just fine.

I’m supposed to get a tee time for later this morning, but the pro shop doesn’t open until nine o’clock. How weird is that?*

I still haven’t worked out since Sunday morning’s run. I’m consciously choosing to avoid working out until I just can’t stand it – and not from a perspective of “oh no! I need to be working out because I’m losing fitness” but rather from the motivation that my body and mind actually wanting to do something.

This may come back to bite me later. But eventually ya just gotta do something different.

Travel update: Ethel has decreed that we shall leave on Saturday, driving the truck in a general eastward direction, and visit some things that we’ve always wanted to see. Now we find out if we do, indeed, actually leave on Saturday. If we do, it will greatly impact my ability to work out – but, then, who cares?

*my usual answer to any question phrased as “How <adjective> is that?” is “Seven”. I mean, it sounds like they are asking for a numeric value between one and ten. Since there is no real calibration for the answer, I can always get away with “seven”.

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