Fourth Day Off

…and my body has not yet told me to do stuff.

This lady said “or” but it seems to me the semantics of the statement actually should involve an “and” instead:

….since “Liberty” in this context seems to mean “don’t take away my freedom to assemble or travel as a means of keeping me away from the virus”. Or maybe I’m missing something.

I also think that the poster would have been better if the Tom Paine quote were in large red print, and “a .02 % chance of” were in small print. But what do I know? I’ve never made a protest sign šŸ™‚

Here in Whitefish, nobody’s protesting that I can see. But I know that, before we hit Phase 2, there were a lot of local rumblings.

I hear from people who are being very cautious about the ‘Rona, but I don’t see them, because it seems that they are staying home. But things look a lot more normal now – lots of people out and about, and nobody seems to be worrying much about social distancing, even though, if one goes into many businesses, there are plastic shields and “6 Foot” spacers here and there.

The clubhouse at the golf course, and the grill, are both open, but one has to do business through the windows.

Still no confirmed cases in Whitefish. Many people suspect that they may have had it, but in these cases it was either before anybody had heard much about COVID – in which case there was no testing available – or their symptoms were never bad enough to cause them to seek testing.

Montana has had six new cases in the last seven days – we went five days with no new cases. There are currently 23 active cases in the state.

People here stare at each other and wonder what all the fuss is about.

I’m still sort of hoping that I do get it and get it over with. The fellow who was sneering at the “stupid rich people” told me that that wasn’t a smart attitude. But I see only two possible paths – get the illness and get it over with, or stay inside and hide until there’s a vaccine.

The best news is that we’ve had two sunny days in a row. I played 18 holes yesterday, and managed to keep it under 50 on the back nine. That’s just wonderful.

But I still haven’t felt my body stir itself and tell me to go work out. My mind tells me that maybe I should be doing something, but it would still involve an act of will to do so. I’m waiting until it takes me an act of will to keep from biking, running, swimming or lifting.

I’ve done this before, but I don’t remember the last time that I actually let the rest period play out all the way. I’m determined to do so this time. It’s probably going to cost me my shot at IMAZ this year – but continuing to push my body might also have cost me that same chance. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Piano update – I’m stuck in Chorus Part II. It’s got some pretty ambitious sections, and I suspect that my failure to pull them off immediately is causing me discouragement. Also, I’m about to go some number of weeks with no piano at all.

It’s 10:26 AM, and I haven’t done my stretching or finished my scales yet this morning. I did fix fritatas for breakfast, so there’s that šŸ™‚

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