Five out of Six

I’ve actually played golf five of the last six days. Here’s the #8 green at Northern Pines:

Two of those days, I’ve broken 50 on the backside. I haven’t yet broken it on the front – this morning was was a 51.

I’ve walked a good bit, actually. Yesterday, I went to the gym very briefly and did a very minor workout, then walked 18 in what Montanans called “heat”. Last night, I was useless.

How can I run nine miles the day after riding 60, and be fine, but walking eighteen holes wipes me out? I don’t know.

Right now, I’m about to power down this laptop and pack it. We’re heading off on our excursion – the only firm plan we have right now is a hotel room in Billings, tonight. We’re going to head from there in the general direction of Devil’s Tower, but who knows when we’ll get there?

And we’re taking the golf clubs 🙂

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