Four years ago, I planted trees in the yard at our Bozeman house, and took pics so that I could look later to see how they had grown.

Yesterday, we started our big road trip, and I stopped at the old house to see how the trees had grown.

Turns out, not so much. Here’s Spruce Willis:

I can’t tell that he’s any taller now than he was then. Now that I look back at the picure, I’m thinking – maybe a foot?

So I’m going to do whatever I can to help our trees at the Dog House grow more than that.

Five hundred miles yesterday, after playing nine holes. Got up this morning and ran at Riverfront Park. Didn’t go well, but at least it went.

Now we head – ostensibly, at least – in the direction of Devil’s Tower. Ethel wants to get mashed potatoes and make them in the shape of the tower so that we can point at them and say “This means something….” – but, sadly, most folks wouldn’t know what that means nowadays.

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