Life In New River

Yesterday morning, I saw this during my pre-dawn ride to the gym:


Now, remember, this is Arizona, the land of “Fire in the Sky” and a state where there is a lot more of nobody than somebody. If’n aliens were going to land and probe somebody, this would be a great place for them to find someone a long way away from anybody.

However, we had seen this very same type of cloud formation before, in the east, pre-dawn – while we were living in Tucson, lo these fifteen years ago. And they said then that it was a contrail from a morning missile launch at White Sands.

This time, they got that news out earlier.

And get this – they said that they had only done four of these missle launches in the last sixteen years. And we’ve seen two of them? Even though we were gone for eight years in the middle? That just seems a mite unlikely.

And it’s not like we get up early every morning to search the eastern sky for missile contrails.
But, if that’s what the Air Force says, then I reckon we’ll believe it. At least until some aliens land and abduct Lucy the World’s Dumbest Cocker Spaniel and probe her with a sledgehammer or a pitching wedge.

Of course, the poor puppy wouldn’t live through that.

But, having seen these morning lights in the sky, we’d know that the Air Force was lying, and we’d know who to blame for Lucy’s untimely demise. No, no – not any human being on the ground here who might have had to put up with Lucy for the last eight years and who has absolutely had enough of having his office carpet peed on and hearing her bark at absolutely anything or nothing at all and had to listen to her mewling at the back door every time her momma leaves the house, making that neurotically dependent whine until his brow furrowed to the point where he could knit his eyebrows together.

Nope – we’d know that it was Aliens, for sure.

And the government is trying to cover it up, leaving somebody else to blame. We can’t have that.

I saw this today in Fry’s:

Upon viewing this, I thought I remembered that the caloric content of booze is mainly the alcohol – that alcohol actually metabolizes like most sugars.

So I checked – and, yes, this booze has 25% less calories than regular 80 proof vodka, because this is 60 proof vodka.

Do not try this at home. These are trained marketing professionals.

I’m trying this new blogging platform. I’m not sure if it’s going to work – I am amazed at how slow the editor is. I type several letters and then wait for the editing window to backfill what I’ve typed.

But if it takes a while for the Chinese comment spammers to find it, then it’s worth it. I am certain that some folks must actually look at some crappy spam content and see the link to and clidk the darn thing. At least one in a milion. And that seems to be enough to keep the spammers in business.

But, even if it doesn’t, this is – after all – a diary. I keep forgetting that. The truth is that I have lost any public platform. I left FaceBook several months back, because I got tired of the political partisans calling the other political partisans stupid.

Then, after over twenty years as an active member of the Dead Runners Society, I got tired of the partisans there taking any opportunity to find some way around the “don’t discuss politics here” rule. Since this is my blog, and nobody is reading the darn thing, I’ll say it out loud – it was the lefties who were doing that. I’ve come to believe that liberals really have to have some conservatives around to be liberal for. It’s no fun just being a liberal around other liberals.

I’ve got a brother who seems to be a liberal just to prove that he’s really not a Puckett. And I think he’s proved it : )

I was also in a Big Book study group, but I left that one as well, because I kept trying to start discussions about the material, but no discussions got started. And I already have a Big Book to read by myself.

And then, spammers kilt my blog. Okay, they didn’t stop me from writing, but they did stop anyone from commenting.

And suddenly I realized that I had no way to talk to anybody other than via one-on-one communications, either verbal or via email. And it’s only now that I realize that it’s weird that I think that that’s weird. Why would a guy like me ever have any way to talk to more than one person at a time, anyway?

So we’ll see if this works.